New York Day 4

I started the day off with some broccoli.


Then we met up with my friend’s friend’s friends-from-work for a potluck in beautiful Central Park! Our offering was the Cook’s Illustrated chocolate chip cookies from Day 3.

Central Park.
Strawberry-rhubarb pie (I think)…

After the potluck we watched a Chef’s Table episode about Dominique Crenn. I’d highly recommend this show if the secret inner high-stress lives of famous chefs interest you.

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Momoya. It was solid but a bit expensive.

Tempura appetizer: 2 Shrimp, 4 Vegetable.
Lobster roll: Mango & Avocado in Soy Paper, spicy mango sauce.
Spicy yellowtail?: Seared Yellowtail, Katsuo Mayo, Jalapeño Relish over Spicy Yellowtail.
Bakudan roll: Spicy Scallop & Shrimp, Sweet Potato Crisp over Crab & Avocado.

Today happened to be America’s birthday. So my friend and his friend and I watched fireworks from a very conveniently tall building in New York (my friend’s office).


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