New York Day 3

We started the day with bagels from H & H Midtown Bagels East. Then we made chocolate chip cookies following the Cook’s Illustrated recipe. They were pretty good, although in my opinion, a bit too rich and sweet. In the evening, we went over to Koreatown and had dinner at Her Name is Han. After, we wandered around Koryo Bookstore.

The lox looked pretty good, didn’t get any though…
I noticed that the chocolate drink of my childhood is really just water and sugar with stuff to make it look cloudy.
Bagel and egg sandwich.
Sauteing the butter for the cookies.
Delicious batter.
A pretty artsy restaurant name.
Poems about fermentation are my favorite type of poem.
Bulgolgi Jungol.
Koryo Bookstore.
Came across this book that teaches English for Korean Go players. Seems like an awfully niche market.
Here’s a sample.
I’m real too.
Korean pop idols wished us a warm farewell.

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