Spontaneous Napa Adventure

This weekend I went on a very last minute trip to Napa with Friend A and Friend B. We decided to go the night before, and somehow we convinced friend B to drive us there. It was a lot of fun!

I think you’re supposed to have wine while you’re in Napa, but we ended up not having any. Maybe next time.

We started the day off at some random winery that Friend A picked out called Artesa. We went inside but didn’t actually have any wine there. Friend A thought the tasting was too expensive.  Correction from Friend A: Through a thorough cost-benefit analysis, Friend A determined that the benefit didn’t outweigh the cost.

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Mission Peak

I hiked Mission Peak with some friends from the local Japanese Meetup. It was pretty windy and cold, but a lot of fun!
Lots of hills.
Lots of cows.
Not very many trees.

Lots of sky.
And a pretty good sunset too.

Rita’s Water Ice

Wow there’s Rita’s in the Bay Area! I got a gelati with mango and vanilla custard. Pretty good, although the mango tastes more artificial than I remember.

Elecom Huge Trackball

I just got the Elecom Huge Trackball. So far so good!

The box.
It looks like this.
There’s a scroll wheel and a sensitivity adjustment switch on the left side.
The underside.
Shown next to the Evolent Vertical mouse.
Shown next to the Kinesis Advantage 2.

Black Walnuts

We cracked open a bunch of black walnuts that N had collected from some nearby trees. The shells are so hard! We used a big hammer to smash them open.

It’s really hard to get the nut pieces out.
Our efforts yielded maybe two tablespoons of edible product. They taste like store walnuts, but more bitter.