Appliance advertising dinner

J and I went to a free advertising dinner for an appliance company. It was a neat experience. J described it as like being at an in-person infomercial. They did go a little too heavy on the advertising. I mean, I know that was the point, but they made both reasonable and laughable claims about their products (“this $10k fridge will pay for itself in reduced food waste”).

The whole showroom is like a bunch of luxury kitchens smooshed together. I enjoyed looking at all the details chosen for the different areas (e.g. yellow ceramic countertop with crackle glaze).

Interestingly, they use the actual products in the showroom to make the food for these events. I’m used to the appliances not actually being hooked up.

Vegetarian version was roast oyster mushrooms instead of scallop.

Vegetarian version was sad… Veggie sides were also sad.

This cupcake thing was really good! And the whipped cream was super rich.

They also gave us a lot of alcohol.

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