Dinner Rolls

We made dinner rolls following N’s secret family recipe. We baked them for too long, but the texture was very good. Super fluffy!

You start by drawing a circle.
Then you fold it into this shape.
And then you’re done! Just three simple steps!


We really like the selection of bulk goods at our local Whole Foods. This time around, we got everything in a reusable container except for the butter. Whole Foods needs bulk butter…

The bags contain: whole wheat flour, popcorn, chocolate chips, and mochi. The jar contains almond butter.
The bulk mochi was really good! The cashier seemed quite surprised that we put it in a cloth bag though.

New York Day 2

We went to Brooklyn and visited a food fair called Smorgasburg. There were quite a bunch of food stalls selling quite delicious looking food. The prices were a bit on the steep side though.

Then we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It was a struggle to find the entrance, but eventually we found our way. I took various pretty pictures of flowers.

For dinner we ordered the¬†omakase at Sushi Yasaka. It was really really good. 10/10, would go again. Continue reading “New York Day 2”