Garage-cleaning out sale!

Weekends are great for garage sales. Recently, a multi-family garage-cleaning out sale was happening near us. I enjoy non-curated sales since they are usually cheaper and have more useful stuff. The fact that this was garage cleaning masquerading as a sale was a good sign.

Indeed, amongst the hazmat suits, gas masks (one of the sellers was a retired EPA hazardous waste cleaner-upper), and old clothes, were several good finds. One was a stack of cast iron, of which we bought for $1 each:

Giant cast iron skillet! It’s 12″ in diameter. It was in pretty sad shape, and then I accidentally took the seasoning off the middle of the pan (got it too hot when trying to reseason it), but it’s looking a lot better now.
Wagner-brand griddle. It’s perfect for crepes and pancakes because it has a low edge and is verrrrry smooth. Cast iron skillets used to be sanded to make the cooking surface smoother. It helps make them more non-stick.
This is the least useful of those we bought. It’s 10 1/2″, the same size as the one I already own, but is super smooth inside. I bought it because of the smoothness, but am wondering what to do with it now… Give it as a gift?
$10 filing cabinet.
$15 state of the art fryer-alternative. J had high hopes for it- it has great reviews online- but it acts just like a conventional convection oven. So… we’re giving it away.

We got a small pack of pH paper (also from the hazardous waste guy). Maybe it’ll be good for cooking? Canning? Fermentation??

I also looked at very enticing Japanese hankies, but I already have plenty from my dead grandparents… I just wanted to give the hankies a good home ;_; They might end up all alone in the world.

J and I got a ride back from the very friendly hazmat guy. It would’ve taken us a while to lug the air fryer, filing cabinet, and cast iron all the way back (1 mile), so it was very appreciated!

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