Redwoods and Cacti

A few weeks ago, J and I had an uncharacteristically adventurous and nature-filled weekend with our friend A. It turns out A really likes hiking and such, especially since he can look for cool bugs! I’m more into plants, but it’s good to learn about native insects too. Sadly, we didn’t see any banana slugs 🙁

A big tree at Sam McDonald County Park on the Heritage Grove trail. Heritage Grove has some of the last old-growth redwoods (the rest were logged). J’s camera has better, but inaccessible, photos.

Kale at the Palo Alto community garden, behind the Rinconada branch of the public library. It looks like a swamp monster!
A flowering thistle. That artichoke is long gone…
Some type of succulent at the Stanford Cactus Garden.
A more classic cactus.
The Stanford family mausoleum. Apparently, Stanford campus was originally meant to be home to a giant mansion, but then the Stanfords’ only son died. So… the Stanfords built a giant mausoleum (giant) and dedicated a university to him.
The mausoleum has four sphinxes, two of whom were relegated to the back. They were inappropriately busty.
The six noble disciplines: Crafts (yay!), Science, Astronomy, Art, Engineering, and… what was that last one?
That last one.

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    1. Apparently it wasn’t important enough to even label! Maybe the Stanfords had a bad view of doctors after their son died…

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