Mahouka alternative activity- thrift shopping!

While J and co were watching the Mahouka movie, I went to… the thrift store!! I do love a good browse, but usually can’t get J to wait for me, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I’ve been on the lookout for linen pants or shorts to wear in the summer, small weights for arm and wrist exercises, a basket to organize J’s receipts, and maybe a loaf pan. I’ll tell you what I found!

I went through all of the sections at Goodwill, except the women’s clothes (not enough time), in this order: plates/glasses, cookware, decor, exercise equipment, appliances, furniture, men’s clothes. There were several exciting finds!

I found very nice pants!

The pants as seen in our local park! I’m looking very stylish, aren’t I?

The previous owner had cut the tag out, so I don’t know for sure what they’re made of and can’t look up the brand. But the pants have a nice drape and a few slubs that makes me think they’re made out of a rougher plant material- maybe linen, maybe hemp. They are of an older style with a (very) high waist and a loose fit. Not my first choice, but not bad. The waist was a little tight, so I let out the side seams about 2 cm total. I’m not sure if that’s enough, so I may make more adjustments in the future.

Another view, emphasizing the pleats at the waist. The pants were very nicely pressed when I bought them.
A close-up of the fabric. You can see that there are some slubs, especially on the horizontal.
An even closer close-up. The horizontal threads are light brown, the vertical beige. I like fabric woven like this; it adds depth to the color.

There were some weights at Goodwill. I found one 1-lb weight and one 2-lb weight… Not quite a full set 😛 So the search continues.

I did find a metal wire basket to keep J’s receipts. It’s working well so far. The desk is less cluttered 🙂

I didn’t find a loaf pan on this particular thrift store trip, but found one at my local Goodwill just a few days ago. Of course I wanted a glass one. Most are Teflon, so these can be somewhat hard to find.

Like this. Apparently they cost $20 new, so I got it 85% off!

Of course there were lots of other interesting things at Goodwill! The most exciting was a KitchenAid stand mixer. I’ve been thinking of buying one to replace our bread machine and use as a mixer and grinder.

The thing I like about thrift shopping is that I don’t have to worry about whether the item was made sustainably, where it was made, what it’s made of, how durable it is*, etc. I can just browse, no research required. And it feels like a treasure hunt. Because stock is donated, it is basically one-of-a-kind and new every time you go. Fun! Also older (“vintage”) items are available.

*This is because items that make it to the thrift store and still work are usually pretty durable. Second, thrift stores are cheap and even if I end up not liking an item or an item breaks, it’s not much of a loss.

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