Went to Superhot this weekend with Friend A (pictured) and Friend B (not pictured).
It’s a new hotpot+kbbq+dimsum restaurant that just opened in Downtown Mountain View. The restaurant concept was carefully crafted for maximum popularity. The first time I tried to go, there was a really long (2+ hour) wait. This time we arrived at 11:30am to avoid the wait.
$30 all you can eat in 90 minutes. Max 10 items ordered at a time. The waiter only comes once every 30 minutes unless you flail around excessively. Strategize accordingly.
100 items to choose from. Friend A really liked the unlimited dumplings.
Chinese fried donut.
Xiao long bao. Unlimited xiao long bao.
Friend A got tripe and pork blood. I’m not such a fan but he liked it.
Premium steak. Looks pretty premium.

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