Falafel pitas

Falafel with homemade pitas in the background! I used the normal dough for the pitas, but cooked them in preheated cast iron pans in the oven instead. They almost made pockets.

We were following a recipe for baked tofu pitas and I decided to make it more difficult and more delicious by making falafel instead. Buuuut our only chickpeas are old and don’t cook super well even with soaking and an hour of pressure-cooking, let alone being fried. So I substituted with red lentils instead.

I was trying to figure out what legumes are safe/traditional to cook in this manner. Seems like lentils are fine, as are chickpeas of course, urad dal (used in Indian breads like dosa and idli), mung beans (used in Korean bindae-tteok), cowpeas and black-eyed peas (used in akara), and fava beans (used in another version of falafel).

This recipe is pretty good. The cooking notes are useful and the intro has interesting historical info.

Accompanied by homemade yoghurt, mint, lettuce, tahini sauce with lemon, salt and pepper, garlic, and water to thin, and tomato-cucmber-onion salad with vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper.

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