Made a bunch of food!

We’re at that period of being without restaurant excursions that we’re having food cravings, so we’ve been making fancier dishes!

Rice pudding! Better if you use already-cooked rice.
Carbonara with bell peppers. Better if you undercook the pasta a bit, ours started falling apart 🙁
Our patented fried tofu! for use in…
Kimbap (kinda). We didn’t have a lot of the usual kimbap ingredients. We used fried tofu, egg omelet, avocado, bell pepper, and kale with sesame oil and garlic.
Final rolls!
Mapo tofu and mushrooms. We haven’t been able to consistently get our normal kind of rice (haiga, partially-polished medium grain), so we’ve been eating a bunch of different types: basmati, sushi, brown sushi, and arborio.
Macaroni and cheese using my mom’s recipe. This one sadly didn’t end up with enough sauce, so I guess I’ll have to make it again 🙂
Pumpkin cheesecake
Onion pizza! This was from a while ago. The dough for the crust was made at a company cooking class outing 🙂 I cooked the pizza on the stovetop to crisp the bottom and broiled it to finish the top.

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