During social isolation, J and I have been cooking a lot. We’ve been trying to make more unusual dishes, since we can’t get cravings satisfied at restaurants or work.

J’s been eating bagels for breakfast, but we forgot to get them last grocery order, so we made them! We have a ton of cream cheese and lox, so it was either this or cheesecake (that might still happen 🙂 We used the bagel recipe from (which seems to be a teach-you-to-cook website).

Gotta boil the bagels first! There’s baking soda and honey in the water.
Very flat bagels. They taste like pretzels, though 🙂

Improvements to the recipe:

  • Put flour or cornmeal on the bagel bottoms. They stick really badly!
  • Oil the tops before covering with plastic wrap. They stick moderately badly…
  • Try the rope + roll method of shaping.

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