Pizza at home

Although I’ve been buying (second-hand!) accessories for our stand mixer, we don’t have a dough hook yet and haven’t been able to make pizza dough. As a substitute, Imperfect Produce recently had “imperfect” pre-made pizza crusts. Maybe they were short-coded? They were some sort of fancy, too, multi-grain with sprouted wheat, I think (although they were essentially big tortillas… Not very fluffy at all).

Imperfect Produce has recently expanded into non-produce items, so we’ve been able to get pasta, cheese, butter, and even goat milk from them. They have a “perfect” line, but I avoid that.

Broccoli and other random veggies. Both pizzas had Italian cheese mix and some Gruyère.
Pepperoni and mushroom. The pepperoni was a free leftover from a recent wedding! We also got about 3 quarts of paella, a pint of mini macarons, and some appetizers.

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