Making potholders!

Friend A, the one who is allergic to everything (not the Friend A who likes bugs and bitcoin), needed some potholders. Of course we have a huge supply of potholder looms and loops (here’s a short history of woven-loop potholders). It is a classic childhood craft.

Choosing loop colors. This also involved sorting out those loops too short to fit onto the standard-sized loom. They will be used for smaller potholders. You can also use rag strips.
You put loops on one way, then you weave the loops over-under the other way.
Use a crochet hook to pull the end of each loop through the next. It ends up looking like a braid and is constructed like a single column of knit stitch.
Finished! Each potholder took me 30-45 minutes.

Good potholders are essential to cooking (although occasionally I have wanted my leather welding gloves to protect the backs of my hands in tight spaces)! Sibling C thinks that this style of potholder is the best there is.

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