Goodwill adventure!

My mom and I went to the big Goodwill in Austin today. It’s smaller than I remembered from my childhood, but still has a good selection of furniture, kitchenware, and computers. Anyone want a laptop for $80?

We bought some cool stuff!

We’ve been playing the original 1981 version of Trivial Pursuit and it’s woefully out of date. It doesn’t even have questions on the Vietnam War! I found the 2002 and 2008 versions at Goodwill today, so we’ve moved 20 years closer to the present!
A cast iron takoyaki pan in the process of being cleaned. My mom actually got it for making √¶bleskivers, a Danish breakfast or dessert food. She’s tried making them before, using a muffin tin on the stovetop, but it didn’t turn out well.
Here’s a closeup of the octopus/spider decoration.

We say lots of other cool stuff (of course!): stainless steel popcorn/mixing bowl, cast iron skillet, pyrex pie dishes, pyrex baking dishes, empty pillow ticking, oak cabinet with curved doors (my mom says probably early 1900s).

Enjoy your local thrift store!

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