Spontaneous Napa Adventure

This weekend I went on a very last minute trip to Napa with Friend A and Friend B. We decided to go the night before, and somehow we convinced friend B to drive us there. It was a lot of fun!

I think you’re supposed to have wine while you’re in Napa, but we ended up not having any. Maybe next time.

We started the day off at some random winery that Friend A picked out called Artesa. We went inside but didn’t actually have any wine there. Friend A thought the tasting was too expensive.  Correction from Friend A: Through a thorough cost-benefit analysis, Friend A determined that the benefit didn’t outweigh the cost.

It seems like these wineries have lots of grapes I guess.
Also they had a rather pretty fountain. I suppose that’s also critical to the wine making process.
We then decided to go on a hike. The first location was closed for some unexplained reason. So we followed the directions of some random person and came across this friendly-looking trail.
Friend A and Friend B enjoying the view at the top of the hill.
An out-of-focus leaf.
A tree that’s probably seen better days.
After hiking, we went to Oxbow Market in downtown Napa.
The market had various selection of food shops and non-food shops. We didn’t buy anything here though.
There was a bulk spice shop that I thought N would be interested in.
Also a vaguely communist coffee shop.
Outside of the market, I came across Napa’s famous grapes. Friend B tried one, but apparently they weren’t very good.
For dinner we went to a fancy churrascaria called Galpao Gaucho. I suggested that we go to Kenzo, a Japanese restaurant with one Michelin star, but Friend A thought it was too expensive (and we couldn’t get a reservation).
We had a lot of meat.
Some more meat. Pretty good.

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  1. Woah, bulk spice shop and maybe bulk olive oil in the background! Plus nice moss! I’m so jealous, I wish I had been there~

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