Takoyaki meetup attempt fail!

Last Saturday, we tried to go to a Japanese-English language meetup (they serve takoyaki afterwards). Because it’s in the far-away city of Cupertino, we decided to make a full day of it and spend time at museums in the area. Unfortunately, it turned out that we had gotten the date wrong and the meetup wasn’t happening… ;_; Ummmm

But the trip was totally worth it! We did lots of other exciting things.

The first planned activity was the Cupertino Historical Society. It’s a very small museum inside the Cupertino community center. Turns out that it’s free (although J left a donation), which is always nice. Afterwards we wandered around the park behind the community center. We ate our box lunches while gazing out over the pond. I believe I had leftover pasta and split peas.

The pond is the center of bird life in the area (although there was another sign warning of specially trained geese-chasing dogs at work).

Fortuitously, Cupertino was having it’s community-wide garage sale last Saturday! I love garage sales!!

Wow, look at all those participants, each represented by a dot on the map. These handy maps were available in front of the community center.

J and I went to several together, and I went to several more alone (while J attempted to attend the language meetup).

I got:

Old cookie tins for storing bread.
Muffin tin. It’s oddly not full-sized but not mini. Somewhere in the middle.
Cloissoné brass whistle. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking, but it only cost 10¢.

and the aforementioned waffle iron. All these were from a single jackpot sale! A middle-aged man and his parents were cleaning out the parents’ home, so most of the items were mid-century (hence the waffle iron). There was also lots of old tupperware, many other cookie and fruitcake tins (reminds me of my family!), old electronics, etc.

A hammer for cracking open black walnuts. I could have gotten a smaller one, but it had a plastic handle. And the man running that particular sale said that the tools were his fathers, from WW II at youngest, so I felt obligated.


Leather for various crafts. This house also had wool for felting and spinning. I would have bought it except that I already have so much…

While I was going to garage sales, J got dinner and boba.

We went to Sprouts and Whole Foods afterwards. Sprouts has some weird bulk items, like chocolate-covered honeycomb. Surely people don’t eat the honeycomb. Isn’t it made of beeswax??

Hippie toilet paper from Whole Foods. It’s more expensive than the bleached version, for some reason. It has higher post-consumer recycled content too!

After-afterwards we got bread at Paris Baguette, a Korean bakery chain.

Korean-style cream cheese danish and mushroom-cheese focaccia.

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