Kinesis Advantage 2

I got a fancy new (well… refurbished) ergonomic keyboard! It’s the Kinesis Advantage 2 QD.

I was also considering the Maltron or the yet-to-be-released, but eventually decided to go with the Kinesis after reading many positive reviews. The reviews over at were particularly useful.

The keyboard has a manual, and it was a pretty useful read. Not as useful as Xah Lee’s how to guide though.
Comes with a keycap remover and extra keycaps.
And here’s the keyboard!


A side view. Notice the ergonomic “key wells”. Pretty nifty.

I’ve only used it for a day, but so far I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve been remapping keys around though; some key combinations like Alt-Tab are almost impossible to press with the defaults. Xah Lee also has some tips about optimal key remapping, I’ll be trying some of his ideas out.

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