San Mateo County Fair

We had a great time at the county fair on Saturday! I had never gone to a fair before, so I was expecting to just see low quality rides and low quality funnel cake. To my surprise, there was a lot more than that. There was art things, animal things, and more.

We came across the San Mateo Parks and Athletics facility.

Somehow it doesn’t seem to give off a very outdoorsy feel.


Pretty nifty quilt things.
I want to make cookies~


So cute~! I think the bird is levitating the pond though…
Gangar is my favorite Pokémon too.


One day I wish I can be this stylish.
That’s pretty brutal for an upcycling art project.


Even the birds look like they had a great time.
It’s a masking tape city. Seems a bit densely populated.




I had no idea that pig racing was a thing. Kinda weird, but kinda cute.

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