Christmas Eve food!

Cinnamon rolls and hot cross buns before baking.
A bit over-done. The corners were hard. Sibling A tells me that she has a new recipe that stays soft, even around the edges!
A huge amount of lasagna – this is a 13″ pan.
Lechón and rice. We didn’t make this, we bought it from a local Filipino restaurant.
Apple “galette”. It was supposed to be thinner, but turned out very pie-like. Maybe I used too many apples. The spice seasoning for the filling (included Chinese five spice) also wasn’t super strong.

Both the lasagna and the cauliflower soup (not shown) were good, but quite rich. Not a good combo since we didn’t have any plain dishes. Next time, I’d decrease the amount of cream in the soup by half or three-quarters.

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