Pittsburgh ahoy

As many of you know, I will be attending grad school for statistics in Pittsburgh. I arrived about a week ago and have since gotten all set up in my apartment!

I’ll give you a nice tour 🙂

Entryway with a walk-in closet on the left. Unfortunately, the light doesn’t have an on switch, so it’s pretty dark in there.
Dark 🙁
But convenient built-in shelves!
The main living area.
My office setup, from left to right: desk lamp, mobile desk containing office supplies, upright organizers (from the free pile at the university!) for mail and notebooks, backpack.
Kitchen with janky stove. It’s gas and has pilot lights lit all the time, so it’s about 90° in there, I measured.
Cutting board and stockpot from Goodwill!
Hallway off of the main room. To the right is the bedroom, to the left is a closet, and straight ahead is the bathroom. The apartment is on the corner of the building, so I get two walls of windows!
I sleep in here to distance myself from the very warm kitchen.
Made my mattress the other day. I had unstuffed it for easier shipping.
It’s a lot more comfortable than the makeshift sleeping pad I was using.
Previous bed: winter coat, duvet, with jacket as a blanket. Later layers included sheets, blankets, and towels.
The second closet, also with very nice built-in storage, containing all my clothes.
Bathroom! This room gets the best breeze, so when it was quite warm a few days ago, I would lounge in the bathtub and look out the window.

Pittsburgh is very appealing so far. My neighborhood is very walkable, has lots of fancy old houses, and has lots of buses. Plus the food coop, Goodwill, and Whole Foods are nearby 🙂

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