The hostel

Stained glass in the main stairwell.
Our room! All of the private rooms are named.
Space for two. Unfortunately, the window didn’t open any wider and the heat in the building was set a bit high. Bathrooms and showers were communal but segregated by sex (they definitely could have been unisex. I saw another person in the bathroom on one occasion).

The hostel had two sets of stairs — the main stairs and the servant stairs (verrry steep!). There was a shared kitchen with a grand total of 4 sinks, 4 stoves, and 2 fridges. I never actually saw anyone cooking, but maybe it’s used for the occasional party. Fridge access is always nice. Lastly, free breakfast was provided!

The hostel cost around $50 per person per night. That’s much cheaper than hotels in the area, but I’ve definitely stayed at cheaper hostels ($10/night in Seoul!).

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