A tool to see the energy profile of your local electrical utility

I found a neat tool from the EPA that shows the energy sources that your local electricity is generated from.

California is looking pretty good! J and I do buy a solar/wind mix, but it’s nice to know that even the average user gets 1/3 renewable.

Our electricity provider, PG&E, has a really nice website. It has plots of our energy usage by hour (wow, such resolution!) and compares our overall usage to similar homes in the area. You can totally see those days when it was too hot to go without air conditioning, ’cause the energy usage goes waaaaay up. It is also really easy to switch to different billing plans (tiered, energy at night is super cheap, etc) and to buy renewable energy. It’s a very fun website 🙂

This was that heat wave day last summer. We used air conditioning that night, as you can see. You can also see when we were cooking brunch (we have an electric stove).

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