Vegetable volunteering

Over Christmas break, my siblings A and C volunteered at Johnson’s Backyard Garden (JBG), a local Austin CSA that delivers produce in the area.

JBG relies pretty heavily on volunteers to maintain fields and pack the produce. To persuade people to volunteer, JBG gives each volunteer a free box of produce!!! Okay, the value-per-hour based on the cost of a box is below minimum wage, but it’s nice to go somewhere and do something. If you go volunteer, you also get access to the reject veggies (which mostly look fine – food waste!) to take home.

The haul, view 1. The bags of lettuce were reject because they weren’t full heads, so A and C took them. Sibling C’s bunny slippers are off the the right.
Mmm, lookin’ nice and lush there. That red candle in the midground was handmade by sibling A!

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