I have a pair of not super high quality socks that were getting major holes in them. (Oddly, the holes were under the ball of my foot…) I didn’t actually intend to repair them – they’re definitely not worth it – but in the end couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. At least I got to practice my darning skills!

Hole on the left sock, darn on the right. The thread that I used was among my maternal grandmother’s crafting supplies. It is specifically meant for darning and matches really well! Wow!

A darn is basically a little patch of woven material. You sew back and forth over a hole, then go back and forth the other direction, running your thread over and under the crosswise threads. See this post for detailed instructions.

The blogger who runs that site seems very into obvious patching and the distressed look. For example, see this patch, where he specifically says to not sew too carefully. You wouldn’t want it to look good or anything. He’s going to look like a hobo one day – and I probably will also…

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    1. Hmm, it is closer to the thickness of actual boro thread than sewing thread is. But the darning thread that I have isn’t as tightly spun as boro thread appears (on the internet! Haven’t seen it in person); I’d be worried about it wearing out too fast. I dunno. That’s a interesting question.

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