Cast of characters

Here is the cast of characters who feature in the blog. This will be updated as characters are added. Please let us know if anybody’s not on here!

(I was originally thinking of doing a kind of “family” tree to show how everyone’s connected, but… maybe in the future.)


J- likes ergonomic electronics and accessories.

N- likes crafts, environmentalism, low waste, cooking.

Friend A who likes bugs- went to college with J and N, likes bugs, likes outdoors, likes electronics.

Friend A who has allergies – went to college with J and N, but in the year below, allergic to lots of stuff (but less now!), works out.

Friend S who is excited- went to college with J and N, studied abroad (in Denmark) with N, recently into environmentalism and low waste, always very excited!

Friends P&J- went to college with J and N, but in the year above, like Asian food (who doesn’t?), moved to the East Coast so won’t be featuring very much anymore ;_;

Sibling C- N’s older sibling, interested in food, crafts, low waste, currently in medical school.

Sibling A- N’s younger sibling, currently in undergrad for engineering.

Friend V- studies Japanese, watches anime, interested in trying the chewed sake!, moving to LA ;_;

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