Pressure cooker!

My mom sent me a pressure cooker!

Wow, so shiny. It is Mirro brand after all.

It was actually a wedding gift to my parents, so I guess it was new in 1985. But they never used it because my mom already had a pressure cooker… So I got it with the original packaging and everything! I’m not sure if it was ever even opened.

Some classic packaging. It’s the original box, y’know.

Pressure cookers reduce cooking time by ~3x (especially useful for beans). The weight on top of the steam vent builds pressure to 2 atm. This raises the boiling temperature of water to about 121°C (250°F), which causes food to cook faster. You can also use it as an autoclave!!

I recently learned that pressure cookers can’t actually explode, which makes me less nervous to use them. The worst that can happen is a steam explosion, in which case you’ll get steam burns. Still better than shrapnel, though.

I like durable things. Unbreakable is even better!
The original manual, with recipes. My mom also had an ad for the pressure cooker, and the card from the gift-giver. Wow.

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