What I use to clean my teeth

As a followup to my Low-waste dental hygiene post, I’ll tell you which options I’ve chosen and what I plan to change in the future.


I used to use a Preserve toothbrush, but recently discovered that an electric toothbrush gets my teeth a lot cleaner. So currently, I share an electric toothbrush base with J, and we each have our own heads. I will continue to use my Preserve toothbrush when either J or I is traveling, of course. I do find the idea of “brushing” with twigs appealing, because I can find useable twigs locally and for free, and because they are compostable. So I’d like to try that in the future!

I currently use Radius silk floss, so it’s biodegradable and I do put it in my compost bin after use. However, the floss comes in plastic boxes that are questionably recyclable. I intend to switch to Dental Lace floss as soon as J and I run out of the Radius floss. The benefit of Radius is that their products are available at local retailers; Dental Lace is online only (unless you live in Maine!).

I don’t use mouthwash.

For toothpaste, I use Tom’s of Maine peppermint baking soda cavity protection with fluoride. They make several weird flavors, including propolis-myrrh and cinnamon-clove, if you don’t like mint. I would prefer to use David’s toothpaste, but it doesn’t contain fluoride 🙁 I’ve been thinking of mixing fluoride into it, or maybe alternating fluoride and non-fluoride toothpaste on a daily basis.

So that’s what I use! It’s taken a while to get a constellation of products that I like, and I expect it to change more in the future. What do you use?

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